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Staff and Departments

At UC San Diego, our vision is “Every Triton a Changemaker.” Your department can support these efforts by:

  • Coordinating changemaker initiatives, such as community service or service-learning projects, social justice or social issue education, or social innovation initiatives.
  • Branding new or existing changemaker programs and events using the official UC San Diego Changemaker Mark. Include the changemaker mark on your website and program promotional materials.
  • Using changemaker hashtags in social media posts (#changemakers and #tritonchangemakers)
  • Highlighting changemakers and opportunities for changemaking in your existing programs.
  • Incorporate changemaking language and examples into talking points, stories, and other communications. 
  • Requesting to have your department’s programs and events featured on
  • Hosting an event during Changemaker Week.
  • Nominating a student, faculty, staff or alumni changemaker to be featured in the I am a Triton, I am a Changemaker social media campaign (To nominate, please email with their name and brief description).
  • Getting creative! Find innovative ways to contribute to a culture of changemaking at UC San Diego.