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Social Innovation Highlights


  • Drew Beal

    Drew Beal

    Master Business Administration
    Kill the Cup

    It was during my MBA program that I came up with the concept for “Kill the Cup” – a social media-inspired game that offered prizes and rewards to coffee drinkers who shared photos posing with their reusable coffee cups. We worked with campus coffee shops to measure the impact. After just eight weeks, we saw a triple-bottom line increase – less waste, more profits, and more excitement around sustainability.

  • Sneha Jayaprakash

    Sneha Jayaprakash

    Computer Science: Bioinformatics
    Bystanders to Upstanders (B2U)

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." - Lao Tzu

    This entire journey started with a simple question: how can we make good a daily habit? I assembled a team of like-minded friends, and we asked that question to every person we encountered. Armed with the ideas of hundreds of people, we turned a question into ideas on a whiteboard, then into sketches for a prototype, and finally into a product. Every design or business decision we make is part of an answer to that original question.

  • Youjin Nebula

    Youjin Nebula

    Global TIES
    One Village Philippines

    The One Village Philippines team seeks to create an affordable and sustainable way to provide lighting for the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. We are working to create a Solar Streetlamp that functions independently of the electrical grid, is resistant to the climate of the Philippines, and is reproducible by the residents.

    We are inspired by many other organizations doing humanitarian work and are grateful for being given all the opportunities needed for us to achieve our goals. We would like to give back to the community and to help the world prosper with us.

  • Christine Pham

    Christine Pham

    Global TIES
    K-12 Environmental Education

    "Growing up I never realized that it was a privilege to learn how to make volcanoes explode; discovering that others don’t have this luxury was why I wanted to be on this team. It is refreshing/rewarding to see students so excited to have us teach a lesson and well worth the time invested. The K-12 team was a really fun project because I had the flexibility to focus my efforts what I was interested in, and I always felt that my contribution was valuable."

  • Gillie Agmon

    Gillie Agmon

    Bioengineering: Biotechnology
    Engineering World Health (EWH)

    Although modern medicine has come very far in treating HIV, a significant problem remains in monitoring patients on HIV therapy in developing countries. The opportunity to work towards improving this situation by developing a diagnostic device as an undergraduate student has given me both a tangible sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to make an impact far past UCSD's campus. I encourage every student who has an idea to take advantage of the many resources that UCSD provides for social innovation projects and collaborate with their peers to make a difference.

  • Uzair Mohammad

    Uzair Mohammad


    I got my start with a simple spark of an idea, an idea that I thought I could pursue and experiment with. Creating a technology, developing the company, and creating a real change weren't skills I began with, but were taught to me by the challenges pursuing my idea came with. I learn what I can and I keep my mind open as I try to push for innovation and create global benefit through creativity and engineering.

    The Moxie Center at UCSD has been my base for all of the other parts of the process, like business development and entrepreneurship. Centers dedicated to the fostering of innovation and entrepreneurship are a great place to start when trying out a new venture, they put their students in the correct networks, give them spaces to work and tools to take advantage of, and useful advisement in the process of starting up a project or venture.